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Security Tape
(Tamper Evident Tape)
Are you concerned about the security of your package during transportation?

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We offers multiple tamper evident tape solutions (security tape). These tapes offer instant tamper identification with the added benefit of being printable.

Tamper evident tape and seals are often used to detect tampering with letters, bags, cartons, pallets, and other containers containing valuable items, confidential information, or calibration or equipment settings. When removed from application, the tamper evident tape will self-destruct leaving words or symbols on the package and in the tamper evident tape itself.
Security tape rolls can be supplied in your specified width and length; standard size rolls are 2" wide and 60 yards in length. The standard message is "OPENED". We can customize colors, security features, sizes, and printing.

The graphics shown on this page are a fair representation of the tamper evident tape's "OPENED VOID" feature. The actual "OPENED VOID" graphic may differ in the final product by orientation, size, font, alternating forwards and backwards reading, case changes, etc. If the graphics and format are critical, please inquire about the details and specifications before placing your order.

Security Tape contains 3 series:
  • Partial Transfer type
  • Total Transfer type
  • None Transfer type
  • Applications ideal for
    • Stainless steel
    • Painted metal
    • Nylon
    • ABS
    • Polyester
    • Glass
    • Ploypropylene
    • HDPE
    • Polycarbonate
    • Suitable for H.S.E. surface of painted
    • Suitable for smooth surface of plastic products
    • Suitable for concerning about security of your package of electronic product during transportation.
    Type Series Application Use
    P SK-610X Carton / Box
    P SK-810X Glossed paper / PE bag
    T SK-760X Box / Package
    T SK-850X Carton / Box / Envelope
    N SK-880X Metal Plates / Plastic box
    P = Partial Transfer Type
    T = Total Transfer Type
    N = Non-Transfer Type